We understand that accessing a ‘Home Care Service’ is a big decision for you, so we have put together some frequently asked questions:


Will I lose my independence, freedom, privacy and dignity?

Independence, freedom, privacy and dignity can have different meanings to each individual and that will be identified in your assessment. We appreciate that clients will benefit from different levels of support, at different times in their lives – some on a ‘one off’ basis and some more regularly. Our aim is to provide you with the means to remain in control of your life, as much as possible. We guarantee to maintain confidentiality at all times. If there is concern for your welfare, or any changes that may require other professionals to be involved in your care, we will discuss this with you first and will always gain your consent. If you share occupancy of your home with others, we will ensure you receive your care with privacy and dignity.


Do you only offer the services on your list?

No, not at all. The example list supplied is not exhaustive. Either when you enquire about our services or during the initial assessment, if you have something specific you would like achieved which will make your time in your own home more comfortable, please don’t hesitate to ask. At any time, your requirements can be reviewed and you can request changes to your service.


Can I decide what service I require, or do you tell me what I should have?

A ‘bit of both’ really. You lead in all the negotiations, however, if an area of concern is identified, we may suggest you look at a different aspect of the service. However, the choice is completely yours and you will not be under any pressure, at any time, to receive any service that you do not require.


What happens if I only require minimal care?

This is not a problem. We offer a range of services that you can ‘dip in and out of’ as and when you require. We aim to have a long and successful relationship with you and as your trust grows in us, we will be there for you, as and when you may need more or less assistance.


Can you provide the full personal care I require?

Full care can mean different things to different people. This will be discussed at assessment. We can visit your home as little as once a week, or three or more times a day, all dependent on your requirements.


What if I only require my grass cut once a week?

Again this is not a problem, as we do not only provide assistance with care. As previously stated, we offer a range of services, to enable you to continue living in your own home


What happens if my Care Plan says I have to have a bath, but when you arrive I do not want one?

There are times when our service is not always governed by what is stated in the Care Plan. Premier Community Services allows the client the flexibility to choose what they want to do, whilst we are visiting them. However, if a Care Plan is in place, it is preferable that it is followed, especially if it is important for your wellbeing. But, it may be that your Care Plan needs reviewing, or it may mean, on that particular day, you do not want to have a bath and would prefer to have one the next day. In such cases, a slight amendment to the Care Plan, can easily be accommodated.


If I have my assessment in hospital, must you still visit my home before I agree to purchase your service?

Yes, because your home environment must be risk assessed also, in order for us to ensure a safe environment for you to be cared for and for our staff to work in. This may include electrical appliances, or any other equipment our staff may be expected to use, in the provision of your care. We must ensure at all times, that you and the carer visiting your home are both safe.


Why should I choose you?

We strongly believe that we are able to deliver the same quality service that we have been doing consistently within Manor Lodge Residential Home, and we are confident that you will not be disappointed with the service we provide.


Where have I heard the name Manor Lodge before?

You may have heard of Manor Lodge Residential Home in Exmouth and now Premier Community Services are an affiliation to this successful, well-established business. Manor Lodge Residential Home’s staff were constantly being asked if they could provide a ‘community based’ service, so finally, after successful negotiation with a locally based District Nurse Team Leader, they have been able to launch such a service. Our new leader is renowned within the health profession, for her provision of high standards of care to clients in the community and her main aim continues to be, that her clients not only remain at home for as long as possible, but that they are kept well, they are safe, secure and also supported, in order to achieve this. The combination of leader’s skills and experience, along with the excellent reputation and care provided to residents at Manor Lodge Residential Home, gives our clients the choice of a high quality service within their own home, rather than within a residential care setting.


How do I know if I am going to like you?

You don’t. However, before deciding o Premier Community Services you can contact us for an informal chat and talk through your concerns with Gina. Also, during the initial assessment, you will be able to ask as many questions as you like. As previously stated, there are frequent reviews, where you can discuss the services you have chosen and if they meet your needs, or you would like to change them.


What if I am disappointed with the service I receive?

If this is the case, please contact us immediately. It is vital that you are happy with the service you receive and we will do all we can to ensure that you concerns are dealt with efficiently and that they are resolved. If we have still not resolved your concerns please refer to the tariff page in the Users Guide, which has information about cancellation of services.


What if I do not like or cannot get along with the carer you have provided me with?

We are always keen to receive feedback from our clients. If you do not get along with your allocated carer or companion, please let us know as soon as possible. We can then discuss the issues surrounding your concerns and provide you with another, more suitable carer, if this is deemed necessary.


What if my carer does not turn up on time?

We pride ourselves on our punctuality and give adequate time for your carer to reach you. If, for any reason the carer is going to arrive later than planned, we will always keep you informed.


Will you forget me so I have to manage on my own?

No. Should, in the unlikely event, your carer not turn up, then you or your representative must phone the office immediately. We will then send another carer to help you.


What if I have to cancel an appointment?

If you know you are going to be unavailable when the carer is due to visit, we would expect you to give us 48 hours notice. In cases of emergency, or at short notice, we would request a member of your family, or your representative to ring the office as soon as possible. Your appointment may then be rescheduled. Telephone numbers for urgent information are given in the Location section of this Users Guide


What happens if my regular carer is on holiday or if they decide to leave?

This is an important issue and one that raises concerns, especially if you have built up a trusting relationship. However, all carers are entitled to days off and holidays and for this reason there will be times when your primary carer will be unavailable. At such times, we will ensure you are not forgotten and another carer will visit and continue to care for you. If there are going to be any permanent changes to the carer who has regularly visited you, we will keep you informed.


Do you have indemnity insurance?



What happens if something is broken or damaged, by a carer, in my home?

This depends on the circumstances. Premier Community Services has its own insurance, however, we would expect you to have household insurance, from which you may make a claim.


I have pets. Is that a problem?

No, on the contrary, that may be one of the reasons why you want to stay at home. We can therefore, produce a Care Plan that takes into account, the care of your pets. Premier Community Services has a Pet Policy and should any pets be aggressive towards visitors, we would ask for them to be placed in another room, during our visits.


If I become ill will you cancel my contract?

No. It is at times of illness, that if you want us to, we can increase our services. This might mean that we can avoid, in some instances, your admission to hospital. On these occasions, we will work closely with doctors and the nursing services, to ensure your safety and wellbeing, within your own home.


What happens if my condition does not improve?

Our aim is to care for you in your own home for as long as possible. However, sometimes, hospital admission is necessary and if this is the case, our services will be suspended until you are well enough to return home. We will reassess you before your discharge from hospital, if you would want our service to resume, when you return home.


Will I be able to voice my concerns or make any suggestions I may have?

Yes. We actively encourage you to offer us your views, suggestions, concerns, needs, wishes, or recommendations. We operate an ‘Open Door’ policy, whereby you or your relative/representative can talk through any issues with the Manager or the Directors. All conversations will be dealt with confidentiality.


If I request a carer to do some shopping, do I get the receipts?

Yes, the carer will deliver the receipts, as well as the shopping.


Will someone collect my pension?

Yes. However, the Post Office will require written authorisation from you.


How will you gain access into my home?

If you are unable to open the door for us, we would recommend that you have a ‘Key Safe’ installed. For a small ‘one-off’ fee you can have a small, secure box outside your house, which has a combination lock. Your door key is kept inside this box. The combination to the ‘Key Safe’ will be kept in the strictest confidence and will only allow the carer access into your home. If you need any further information about this type of system, please give us a call.


How will I know it is you at the door?

Your safety and security is vitally important to us. The carer will always have photographic identification, which they will be expected to show you at all visits.


How can I be sure my information will be kept confidential?

You will have your own set of Home Records, which will contain your Care Plan and other useful information. These Home Records will be kept in a safe place, within your home. Any information, which is relevant to your care, will also be kept in a secure place at Premier Community Services premises. Only the necessary members of staff will have access to your private information and again, this will be treated in the strictest confidence.


Do you provide activities and outings?

Premier Community Services support the Ring and Ride service and Community Buses of Exmouth, which enables us to participate in outings they have organised. Occasionally we also organise our own trips and outings. All our carers have clean driving licences. A quarterly Newsletter, full of interesting articles and information, is available to you. If there is anything you would like to be included in this publication, please speak with Gina.


Who do I phone after hours or in an emergency?

Please refer back to the Users Guide section named Location. It all depends on whether your call is urgent or can wait until the next day.


Do you offer emergency care or services?

Yes, we can deliver a rapid response service. The aim of the service is to prevent unnecessary admission to hospitals, residential and nursing homes.


Does accessing your service, mean that I am giving up?

Quite the opposite! If you decide that you need help or support, in order to maintain your lifestyle, you are staying in control and have made a conscious decision that you no longer wish to struggle on your own. We aim to maintain, or possibly even increase your independence, by identifying what your needs are and by putting into place, a unique and tailored service.


If at anytime you have any questions, queries or concerns or you wish further information please do not hesitate to contact us.